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Training Methodology

Training and exercises - Bharatanatyam class - Naatiya Samarpanam Academy of Dance

As you are aware, dance demands a lot of strength, flexibility and stamina for oneself to be an extra-ordinary performer. We introduce strength training at an early age of 3 and introduce the art form at an age of 4.5 - 5 years.

Strength & Flexibility Training - 3 years - 4.5 years

Regular Curriculum Classes - Eligibility - 4.5 years & above 

Batches Available

Batches - kids, juniors, seniors and adults - Bharatanatyam classes - Naatiya Samarpanam Academy

Naatiya Samarpanam provides training  to various age groups. We welcome with open arms, anyone with basic interest in the art form.

(Transfers are also accepted after a review of the current skill set)

Kids Batch - 4 to 6 years

Juniors Batch - 7 to 10 years

Seniors Batch -  11 to 16 years

Adults Batch - 16+ years 

Levels & Certification

Levels and Certification

There are Four levels of learning 

- 2 levels in Beginners 

- 1 level in  intermediate and 

- 1 level in advanced. 

Each level is designed carefully, examining the maturity level of the student in adapting to the art form. Upon completion of each level, a certification is awarded as an accomplishment.